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 „The 80% 5-10 years old cars is after some body repair.”

To buy a car is a big decision to most of us - we decide about one of our most valuable thing. If you would like to buy an used car you must take bigger risk - you need to be able to measure the condition of the car and through this the real value, running and maintanance cost.

  „70% of owners not inform the buyer if the car was crashed.”

It is reasonable to be careful if you buy an used car. After the business there is no place for reclamation - you have had the chance to try out and inspect the car... of course all cost is yours after that. But event an experted eye not recognise the signs of skillfull repair.

At an accident the body of the car damages first.

 „After the body work vanish all sign what possible to see with free eye, but the thickness of the coating increases.”

The thickness of an original painting is about 100-200µm. After repair this value is between 250 and 700µm, maybe more.

 „The used car dealers 85% owns coating thickness gauges.”

The easiest way to decide if a car was crashed or not is measure the coating thickness of it. Even more, with measurement you can inspect wich parts were involved and how serius was the damage.

  „A damaged car costs 10-30% less than an undamaged.”

If you find repaired parts on a car, you do not need to decide to not buy the car - but you will in much better position at the price negotiation...

 "Why would you buy a FirstCheck coating thickness gauge? Because it's  worth!”

It is almost impossible to recognise the real condition of a used car by a fast free eye inspection. The dealers - but it is their duty in theory - rarely inform you correct way about the damages of the car in the past. The damaged cars are worth 10-30% less. You earn the cost of the FirstCheck more times at the first car what you buy...



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